[Three Steps] How to delete WhatsApp Group?

How to delete WhatsApp Group: Howdy Group Admin, If you are a admin of a group and dont want to run it anymore and want to delete it. You can delete Your WhatsApp Group anytime. But if you dont know How? Then I am here to give you step by step guide to delete your WhatsApp Group Permanently.

In previous post I have shared an article to Delete Facebook Account Permanently. Check out that too If you have to delete your Facebook Account too. OR only If you want to delete WhatsApp Group. Stay here…
If you are a Administration of a group, if you have created a group and people you have added are doing spamming are continuously send illegal things and want to delete WhatsApp group permanently to avoid spammings. Read this post till last.

If you are going to Delete WhatsApp Group Permanently note that : All the messages, Favorite (stared messages) Images, Videos, Documents, Location will be deleted permanently and also you will lost all Group members. So verify this thing before proceed, anyway If you want to delete WhatsApp Group, Follow the steps given below.

1. Open your WhatsApp.

2. Open your WhatsApp Group Which you want to delete.

3. Start kicking out all the group members. Because you cannot delete your WhatsApp group permanently if any members are staying here.

How to delete WhatsApp group

4. After removing All the group members, just left the group, Your WhatsApp group will deleted permanently.

Delete WhatsApp group

Note : If your group have lots of members like 200+ and dont want spend time to remove all the people, just make admin to a group members and leave from there 😂.

You cannot delete anyone’s group. You have permission to delete a group if you have created that. Being a Admin a admin, have only to manage groups not to delete it permanently.

If you are thinking what will happen if i leave group without donating adminship to a member.?
WhatsApp will automatic make Admin to a current added member.
mean you can left group without making admin to anyone.

So that was a short article and step by step guide to delete WhatsApp group. If you have any problem please let me know in comment section.. I’ll try to solve that problem. You can bookmark this website because in future if you have to delete anything you can search here.

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