[3 Easy Steps] How To Delete GoDaddy Domain 2019

How to Delete A domain from Godaddy Account :
Howdy Blogger, If you are planning to delete a domain from godaddy account read this post till last. In few easy steps i have tried to explain everything about Domain Deletion. To successfully delete goaddy domain please read and follow the steps given below.

GoDaddy is one of biggest domain provider and it is providing lots of domains like .COM, .US, .CO, .XYZ, etc.. With domain its also providing Hosting and Email services too.
If you have bought a domain from GoDaddy and Want to delete it for a reason and dont HOW then this post will help YOU.

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What are the reasons to delete domain?

You are here its mean you want to delete your Domain from Godaddy account, Its can be your personal choice or any reason. If you are asking me what are the reasons to delete a domain? Here i am explaining..

1. If you dont want to use your domain anymore.

2. Renewal Charge of GoDaddy domain is too high.

3. If you were running a Downloading niche site and Govt banned your doamin due to many DMCAs and want to delete that domain to make dashboard clean.

4. Your domain is nearly to get expired.

How to Delete Domain From GoDaddy Account.

Follow these Step by Step Guide to Delete Domain in Godaddy.

1. Log in into your GoDaddy Account. (Click here)

2. After logged in, you will All the domains you have. If you didn’t found, Click on three line button in Right Side and Ckick on “My Products“.

3. Ckick on “Manage” Option shown in right side you Domain name.

delete godaddy domain

4. In the next page, you will find many more options, Scroll down, You will find Delete Domain Option in the last.

how to delete godaddy domain

5. Click there, a popup will open to confirm your process. Click to Delete. Your domain will be permanently deleted in few seconds and also it will be removed from Your GoDaddy Account.

Note : This process will be permanently. If you delete your will not get it back. (Yeah you can buy it again, but after few days or months).
All the data, like If you hosted this as running website you will lost it. (Make sure to take a backup if you dont want to lost data.
If you have approved AdSense, that will be lost.

How to Delete Godaddy Domain in Android Mobile?

If you want to delete godaddy domain from Android Mobile then you can also do this. Follow the same steps given above.. To do this process smoothly use chrome browser. Use Desktop mode in Chrome browser for better view. There is nothing difference in process and Options.


In this post i have shared Step by step guide to Delete GoDaddy Domain for both in PC and Mobile. I hope you found this post helpful. If you have any problem please drop a comment. I’ll try to solve. Read previous posts if you want to delete anything. Share this post with your friends.

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