How to Delete Cookies | Chrome | FireFox | Android and PCs

How to Delete Cookies : Howdy Guys, In this post I gonna sharing Step by step guide to Delete Cookies from Android Browser and PC browser. If you are looking for best way to Delete Cookies from different browsers like Chrome, UC Browser, Firefox, Internet explorer etc then this will help you surely.
If you wanna delete cookies from PC’s browser or Mobile Browser follow the given given below.

What Is Cookies? How to Delete Cookies?

If you dont know what is cookies and Why should I delete it then read this.
Cookies are hidden files stored by websites in your browser.
In that cookies files certain important files such as Browsing history, Browsing interest, Auto fill forms, and certain passwords are stored to use it later by a website.

Have you ever seen a popup which says : We use cookies to personalize your experience. By continuing to visit this website you agree to our use of cookies?
These type of websites store cookies files and save it for future use. Another question raises is “Why Should I Delete Cookies Files?
Cookies files are hidden so its seems nothing when we hear about it, But it is treasure for attackers. When you visit unsecured website (Without SSL) attackers can steal your browser cookies that contain certain important files mentioned above and they can use it to harm you. It is very important to delete cookies every week or month.

Now the Topic is How to Delete Cookies in Android? How Delete Cookies in PC? how to delete Cookies in Chrome Browser?
Because Cookies files contains sensitive informations so every browser provide option to delete cookies. Some of Advanced browser provide option to delete cookies from all websites or a individual website (if you dont trust on that individual website) Modern browsers make this option visible so user can easily delete this. But if you haven’t found that Option.. Follow the step by step guide to Delete Cookies.

How To Delete Cookies?

How to Delete Cookies from Browser On Android?

For Android Mobile there are number of browsers are available. Such as Google Chrome, UC browser, Puffin Browser, FireFox And Opera Mini.
If you are using a branded Mobile like Samsung, its provided a own inbuilt browser.
So these are step by step guide to Delete Cookies from Popular browsers.

#1. how to Delete Cookies in Chrome Browser?

Chrome browser is a product of Google and this is my favorite browser. Chrome browser comes inbuilt in Android Mobiles because its a Google Product and also have Amazing Features and Options. If you are also a Chrome user and want to delete Cookies files in Chrome follow these steps below. :

1. Open Chrome Browser.
2. Click on three dots at right side.
3. Click on Setting. You will find Privacy Option.

chrome cookies delete

4. Click on Privacy, here you will find “Clear Browsing Data” option to delete Cookies and Cached files.

how to delete cookies in chrome

5. In the next page.. You will find to option to delete cookies.. Basic And Advance. Choose according to your requirements.

how to delete cookies in Android chrome

In Short : Chrome browser > three dot button > Setting > Privacy > Clear Browsing Data > Basic & Advance.

#2. How to Delete Cookies in UC browser?

UC is is also a Famous browser and have amazing downloads. Its provided by Alibaba Group. The mostly users of UC Browser App are Indian. UC Browser is also a wonderful browser for me. If you want to delete Cookies from UC Browser follow these Steps :

1. Open UC Browser App. (UC Browser Or UC Mini)
2. Click on three line button at down side of browser. If you are using UC mini, you will find this option in right side.
3. Click on Setting icon.

delete cookies uc browser

4. You will many many options. Scroll down, You will find Clear data Option.

uc browser delete cookies

5. Click on “Clear Data” and delete the options what you want to delete.

delete cookies in Android uc browser

In Short : UC browser > Three line button > Setting Button > Clear Data.

#3. How to Delete Cookies in Puffin Browser.

Puffin Browser and Puffin Browser Pro are also amazing Browser if you want to browse internet in Desktop mode in Android Mobile. Desktop Mode, TrackPad, Game Mode.. This are the main features of Puffin Browser. If you are using it and want to delete Cookies Files in Puffin Browser follow these steps :

1. Open Puffin browser Or Puffin Browser Pro if you have Pro.
2. In homepage you will find Setting Icon. Click there.
3. Here you will find many options.. Just scroll down.. Clear Browsing Data Option Will appear. Click there.
4. Here you can choose want to want to delete like Autofill Password, Forms, Cache and Cookies too.. Mark on all if you want to delete everything.

In Short : Puffin Browser > Setting > Clear Browsing Data > Choose what you want to delete > Clear Data.

#4. How to delete Cookies files in FireFox Mobile Browser

FireFox Or Mozilla Firefox browser Comes for both PCs and Androids. Firefox is also a perfect browser for surfing internet. I if you are using firebox and want to delete cookies in Firefox This step by step guide will help you :

1. Open FireFox Browser
2. Click on three dot button given in right side of homepage.
3. Here you will find an option “Settings” click there.

delete cookies on firefox Android

4. In the next window you will find an option. “Clear Private Data

delete cookies Android firefox

5. Here you will many available options to delete like Browsing History, Search History, Cached files, Passwords etc and Cookies too.
6. Mark on all if you want to delete all the things in browser or mark on only what you want to delete.

delete cookies files in firefox

7. After marking to all or specific options click on “CLEAR DATA” given in below. After clicking on this button your all private data will be Cleared.

In Short : FireFox Browser > Three Dot button > Settings > Clear Private Data > Select what you want to delete > Clear Data.

These were famous browsers for an Android Mobile and i have shared step by step guide to delete cookies file from that browser. If you using any of them you can apply the steps. Now we are going to talk about PCs browsers.
Deleting Cookies in PCs browser

How to Delete Cookies From Browser on PCs or Laptops

Above i have shared step by step guide to delete cookies from different Android browsers. Similarly PCs and Laptops have many different browsers like Chrome and FireFox etc. If you want to delete your browsers cookies from Windows 7, Window 8 or Window 10 then here is the steps given below.

#1. How to Delete Cookies From Chrome on PCs or Laptops

In PCs, chrome browser is super duper browser for browsing, streaming and downloading. If you are using chrome browser then you should clear the data of browsers every week. Chrome browser store data in very large amount this is the reason of using of more resources of PC.
To delete Data or Cookies from browser on PC follow these steps..:
1. Open Chrome Browser in Your PC
2. Click on 3 dot button on right side.
3. You will see many options, click on “Settings” Option.

delete cookies from Chrome browser in PC

4. Again you will get many more options in left side. Click on “Advance” to open more options. (Left side)

delete cookies from Chrome browser in laptop pc

5. Under Advance Option. Click on “Privacy and Security” option.
6. In the middle of page you will find more options, Scroll down and you will find “Clear Browsing Data” Option.

delete cookies from Chrome browser in PC laptop

Here you can delete your all type of private informations such as Cookies, Cached, History, Autofill Forms, Saved Passwords etc. If Advance section you find more options as compared to Basic Option. Choose According to your requirements.

In Short : Chrome Browser > Three Dot button > Settings > Advance > Privacy and Security > Clear Browsing Data.

2. How to Delete Cookies From FireFox on PCs or Laptops

If you are a firefox user and do internet surfing in FireFox browser and want to delete Cookies files of FireFox in PC or laptop then follow these steps.

1. First of all open Firefox Browser.
2. In the right side you’ll find three dot button. Click there.
3. After clicking on three dot many new option will be popup. Find “Settings” Option.

delete cookies from firefox browser in PC

4. After finding “Setting Option” Click there.
5. After clicking on Setting many options will be open again. Check for “Private and Security”.
6. When you click on Privacy and Security Option you will find Browsing Data Option as tab. Also you’ll see a button “Choose What To Clear”.

delete cookies from firefoc browser in PC lappy

Click there to choose what you want to delete.
7. After clicking on “Choose What To Clear” many options with mark unmark button will be open.
Mark the options which you want to delete.
I have to delete Browsing History, Cookies, Cached files and tabs so i have selected.
8. After selection, Click on “Clear” Button below.

delete cookies from firefox browser

Your All the marked data will be cleared in few seconds.

In Short : FireFox > Three Dot Button > Settings > Privacy And Security > Choose What to clear button > Mark what you want to delete > Clear.


In this post i have shared Step by Step Guide to Delete Cookies Files. Now you will never ask again “How to Delete Cookies” because i have shown step by step guide with required images for different famous browsers.
Chrome and FireFox are famous browser for i have shared Steps for both Android And PCs.
No matter what window version are you using. That steps will work on all Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.
If you have any query or confusion let me know about that in Comment section. If you are using a different browser and wanna know to delete Cookies and Cached of that browser then Comment your browser name.. I’ll update this post asap.

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